Aliens are the new angels. Rick Owens PFW FW19

Life experiences act like the #print and patterns of our projects and creations.

#RICKOWENS ‘ designs talk to much. So much that this fashion designer has contribute to the industry by providing a new and personal #style : GLUNGE —glamour-slash-grunge—.

When I talk about new and personal style, I am referring that there’s a creative being who breaths life and appreciate its little pleasures.

Rick Owens knows we need a real liberation from the venerated patterns and behaviours. There’s #beauty shining in everyone of us.

A revulsive proposal within fashion industry doesn’t mean we are in front of something unwearable or without a complete quality.

Rick Owens’ designs hide an accurate work looking for perfection. Real #couture , for sure!! Comfortable, unique and properly sexy. Pieces where details are always a surprise and become a veneration.

When I develop my role as stylist, his designs are extremely playful and a energise our creativity. This is the way to achieve the consideration of “must” and timeless.

Regarding his shows, such personality requieres the proper performance. Models, music, makeup, production,… everything accompanying the melody of each collection.

This one seen last Thursday in Paris, turned aliens into desirable angels.

For sure, one of the most commented makeups doing its futuristic and hard work behind it. MAC COSMETICS and the sfx makeup artist Agniezska Kukulka transformed the typical beauty of the models into something disturbing and magnetic.

As we heard at backstage, they have created new creatures. Creatures born from the rare mind of artist Salvia. The new beauty as he claimed.





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