Do we really want a Celebrity behind a brand?

In Social Media Marketing it is always happening, but, when talking about one of the biggest luxury brands the impact can be extremely beast.

These days Dior officially shows Rhianna as the muse of its last campaign. The times a Social Media user has received an information regarding this has been unveliable. That’s what happens when joining a Luxury Brand, a celebrity and the power of Social Media : Celebrity Branding. It’s like adding all superpowers in the name of a product. Only? Definitely, this game can benefit all parts: the Brand and the Celebrity.


Rhianna in  last Dior campaign
Rhianna in last Dior campaign

Well, actually, benefit doesn’t come so easily for all parts.

What makes  brands use the image of a celebrity? Isn’t a brand like Dior or Balmain enough strong and wellknown globally? Why looking for more recognition?

In a digital era the old way advertising was managing is not enough. Big part of the market is connected, and to play in the online world continue change and interaction is need.


Obviously, the big and luxury brands have been surrounded to the rules of the digital era. They need to catch up the consumers connected to their mobile devices. And that’s why celebrities play a significant role: they are active in Social Media, thus powerful to start a conversation. The brand experiences an unveliable growth, people talk about it, increasing the value of the brand and, of course, the value of the celebrity.

But, sometimes, this strategy could have inappropriate results for brands. Sometimes the emotional power of the celebrity is so strong that people just focus the attention on the famous, instead of the product and brand.

Also, don’t you have the sensation different brands, from different markets segments are using the same celebrities? This could cause some confusion among consumers. For example, taking the example of Rhianna during her latest appearances.


Rhianna in Guo Pei Haûte Couture at Met Gala
Rhianna in Guo Pei Haûte Couture at Met Gala
Rhianna for Puma
Rhianna for Puma

Rhianna looked incredible in the Oriental Princess creation by Guo Pei. And the whole world have been trying to learn more about this brilliant designer.

At the same time, Rhianna official collaboration with Puma as its Women,’s creative director appeared.

And, suddenly Rhianna for Dior. 

Yes, Rhianna as the rest of mortals wears sporty clothes, casual and glam ones -actually, this glam one cannot be followed by the rest of mortals-. But, doesn’t luxury mean exclusivity ? In less than a couple of weeks Rhianna has been trending with different brands.

On the other hand, where is the personal and emotional connection between the celebrity and the brand?


The decision of counting with a celeb has to be analysed carefully, specially because of the constant and global exposure these icons have. And the exposure is in terms of what they wear, what they do and what they say on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, … These individual movements could not be aligned with the essence and strategy of the brand. And we cannot forget how many zeros are in the budgets for this type of campaigns with celebs; the investment is extremely high, and the direct impact proportional.

Big brands, with their astronomical budgets and talented human team, aren’t they capable to focus creativity not only based on celebrities?


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